The Problem

Should you be worried about this?

Nearly 70% of shopping carts
are abandoned by online visitors.

Studies show that around 60-70% of customers put products in their carts and subsequently leave without finalizing the purchase. Do you have the same issue in your store? What can you do in order to prevent this?

The Solution

A simple plug-in for your online store

Connected with our service to you. Currently available as Early Access! Learn more:

Proactively secure sales

Predict customer behavior and act to prevent cart abandonment. Fulfill customer-specific needs in real-time to drive orders.

Recover deserted carts

Send attractive value-adding reminders. Get customers to rush back to deserted carts. Save the relationship.

Analyze your website

Discover bottlenecks in the sales process. Understand at which step visitors are losing focus. See which pages lose most customers. (Planned for the full release)

Choose the right actions

Select from 60+ actions. Get tailor-made recommendations of actions and triggers. Or let our smart algorithms launch them automatically.

Install quickly

Install a simple plugin, register on our website, and you are ready to go. In case of a custom store, we will guide your through the setup.

Monitor performance

See real-time performance of Cart Defender and each action. Validate customer segments against cart abandonment statistics.

Partner Program

We are building this for all e-commerce software stacks and reaching out to online stores. You can be part of it.


Build a plug-in for your e-commerce software platform and earn a percentage of sales to your clients.


Use Cart Defender software to increase sales of your customers and earn revenue from a successful long-term relationship.

Affiliation and leads

Enter a long-term affiliation agreement or obtain a one-time share in the revenue from a successful lead.

The Team

Radek Gliniecki

Gained experience at Ernst and Young in London and Citibank in Warsaw. Worked at global data gathering projects for Anti Money Laundering division. Two degrees: Warsaw School of Economics and University College Cork.

Przemyslaw S. Gliniecki

Neuroinformatician and psychologist with psychometrics focus. Used machine learning techniques to enhance the brain-computer interface. Will soon hold two degrees from Warsaw University.

Jan Zankowski

Software engineer with 5 years experience at Google New York and London, primarily on advertising / e-commerce projects. Graduate of Williams College in the US.